The Fire

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Fastened to mystics of the tranquil night
I am sleepless
The curtains, I see
They’re still and dead..

A cold gust of breeze
From nowhere, emerges
Tossing them gently
Into random waves..

To me they seem, helpless
Much like my mind..
Haunted and set ablaze
By the touch of your thoughts..
They’re all over me…


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The Devil smiles on my face as I light the other end,
There’s a disturbing mock in His laughter, but it’s friendly
as it feeds the worms inside my head to grow and eat every bit of that rationale.
Indulging nothing but my darkest desires, the feeling that I yearn for, to FEEL!

My lungs gallop it greedily as I inhale the nectar,
The laughter as I hear, gets louder!
“Hahaha! Isn’t this what you want?”, He thunders, “FEEL it moron! Haha!!!”
I embrace the Devil, do I look like a little one now?

Being out of senses, they call it.. But I call it being deeper in them..
The dim light seems doped as it reflects from the wild smoke
Before flooding my retina with iridescence..
Music hits harder, like cannonballs thumping on my eardrums..

My heart is driven wild, as it synchronizes with the psy..
It pumps to kill, morphed into a poltergeist inside me..
I feel the excitement of my blood as it vagabonds ruthlessly,
Like a giant serpent speeding down my vessels, and lifting my body to cosmic spasms!

With blood filled red eyes, I watch the fire romance with the joint,
Kissing it, swallowing it, killing it, slowly..
They make love.. Conceiving smoke and ghostly ashes…
In laziness and in elation, I wonder at the romance, and feed on its breed!

Parchedness creeps down my mouth and throat,
But I’m satiated.. For thirst, now means something else to me!
The parasitic fume gnaws on my stomach,
Inducing in me the hunger of the Demon!

My senses are doped, doped is the night..
Time is doped too, I feel it become slower.. clumsier…. friendlier…
Aah! The whole fucking world is doped!!!

In the haziness of the smoke, I see the clear divide..
Between life and death, and between good and evil..
Between pleasure and pain, and between right and wrong..
Between turbulence and peace, and between divine and profanity..

“Where is it that you belong NOW, you little me?”,
The Devil laughs,
“And where is it that you belong THEN?”

I shrug and reach for the last one!

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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The moment was perfect
It meant defeat
Of my soul & my senses
My being & my rationale..

I stood defenseless
Too unarmed to resist
the momentous gleam
of her pearlescent eyes..

I was but prone
to the irresistible darts..
Cutting straight through
My suicidal heart…

The sapphires of her eyes
|radiated illume divine
Fierce, blazing….
blinding shine…

A gaze so stealthy,
so penetrating…
so clear, yet
so dilemmatic..
so unheld, yet
so helpless..
so strong, yet
so timid..
so precious, yet
so lost..
so appeasing, yet
so hungering..

So soothing,
so deeply

Turmoil.. turbulence.. uproar..
conceived within me
& everywhere…

Something but averted me
& I refrained,
I devoured my fire
within me..
Scorching my inside
into ashes..

Unseen.. agonizing.. clandestine

& like an innocent slayer
she turned away…
Unknown & ignorant
of what she left behind
In the deep.. dark… fiery



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Don’t infect me O’ Night,
For your ineluctable dark arms,
and charismatic cold charms,
Are drugs of a kind….


Soul Immortal

•March 17, 2010 • 1 Comment


Getting free from my body
from the cage of Mortality
With lightness that of snow
For the space travel I will go..



•March 14, 2010 • 1 Comment

The dawn sank pursuing the sun..
No war call filled, no weapon struck ..
but in silence night took back her kingdom
like an epidemic of contagious dark..

The stagnancy of the invasion infected me
My agony wasn’t of screams, but of something
more painful…
It ailed much deeper; the ache,
not of my body, but of my soul…

My agony,
was emptiness..

Entangled into ropes of tranquility
too numb was I, to untie the knots..
Time, like a weight, clang to my feet,
pulling me deeper into the quicksand..

Each struggle to escape that I made,
hauled me deeper..
And I craved to surface from these empty depths..

A nocturnal parasite unknown but not unfelt,
when it spawned in my mind this enigma,
in pursuit, of itself..
In pursuit,
of emptiness..

I was lost at the mercy of a solitary island..
Wandering, taking a path with no direction..
I was tired but not the ceaseless path..

But with the drive of my hope to find the shore,
I was determined to find its end..
and I advanced further in this infinity
closer and closer to the edge..

Finally at the horizon I saw the shore..
With an unheard rejoice my dry eyes shone..

I struggled and hobbled and reached the shore..
But in moments my gleeful heart broke
for the sight wasn’t of a blue sea,
with waves answering my escape from this..

I had no other way, but to drown deeper,
deeper into the disturbing depths,
of the boundless sea that I had before
a sea that was filled…. with emptiness…



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